Vita Bella takes great pride in crafting a superior class of pizza. We hand-make our dough and sauce daily, exclusively use 100% real Wisconsin cheeses, and pile-on premium ingredients. Our pizzas are guaranteed to entice and satisfy any pizza enthusiast.
Traditional Thin Crust: Our specialty. The light, flaky crust is always crispy and golden brown.
Double Dough Pizza: This Vita Bella creation features a hand-rolled edge that is twice as thick as the traditional thin crust.
Chicago Style Deep Dish: A family specialty. Our pan-cooked, thick, buttery crust is smothered with cheese, your toppings, and our gourmet chunky tomato sauce.
Pan Pizza: This option features a thick and tasty crust topped with your favorite ingredients and mounds of cheese.
Stuffed Pizza: Baked like a pie, our stuffed pizza contains two layers of crust stuffed with cheese and your toppings. Our delicious sauce covers the top crust.
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With one call, Vita Bella will take care of all your catering needs.
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